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With today’s interior decorating designs and trends, Pallet Furniture is spreading like wild fire. It seems everywhere you look there is a beautiful rustic, or even artistic statement being made in our living spaces. From the cheap costs to build, to the amazing transformation of a simple space, no wonder people are jumping all over this. Our site is dedicated to helping people find inspiration and ideas for their do it yourself projects. It does not take an experienced carpenter to build something beautiful and make something stand out.

Look Around and you will find that there is no better place on the internet to find inspiration and provide you with the ideas to create something great. Urban reclaimed wood or pallet furniture projects are super easy and straight forward. Whether you are a seasoned furniture builder or a back yard handyman, this is for you!

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Free Do It Yourself Tutorials

Not quite sure how you are going to get this project of yours started? Check out our full step by step tutorial articles to assist you though your pallet furniture project. Everything from deconstructing pallets for your project to building a coffee table for your living room. If you are wondering how to go about building something, this is the place for you. There is no need to pay for pallet furniture plans when the information is free right here for you.

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Project Gallery

Need some inspiration for your project? Look through our organized picture gallery to find the perfect idea. As you know, there are several ways and designs to build a piece of pallet furniture. Figuring out the size and style of your project is just the first step. You might not even know what you want for your space but beginning to look at what is possible is the first step. Look around, you might be surprised at what cool ideas you will find for your pallet furniture project.

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Pallet Furniture Blog

All the time there is new and useful information coming to light. Find out what is happening and educate yourself on pallet furniture and the industries that surround it. All of the time, people are talking about what is safe and what can hurt you. Do your research and read up from credible sources to stay in the loop on all Pallet furniture things.

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Every pallet furniture project is different and will need unique pieces to make it pop! Find and source out the perfect hardware to accessorize your project. We have found the best and unique items from intricate table legs, industrial wheels, to door and drawer knobs & pulls. Look no further than this perfect resource area for your pallet furniture projects.