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DIY Pallet Christmas Tree Project

With the holidays just around the corner, some people are looking to start a project and build a pallet Christmas tree. Everyone is looking for a few ideas to sand out and do something cool. This is not a complicated project and just about anyone with a few simple tools can create in just a few hours.

Pallet Christmas Tree Project

To get this party started, first we will need to gather a few tools. For this project you will need 1 wood pallet, a skill saw, prybar, a hammer, some nails or a cordless drill and some wood screws. Depending on how you want to finish this project off, you could also use a short strand of lights, glue gun, paint brush and some green paint. a long straight edge with a pencil or a caulk line would work great too. With all of these items collected, you are now ready to start

Building the Tree

We will start off by laying the pallet on the ground or on a secure table. With your long straight edge Continue reading DIY Pallet Christmas Tree Project

DIY Wooden Pallet Pry Bar

Dismantling wooden pallets can require a lot of effort especially if your project requires a lot of wood. To speed up the dismantling process and save more of the pallet wood, you can build a simple wooden pallet prybar. This is a little more advanced of a project and requires a bit of welding. Follow along as we show you how simple and easy this project is…

Some of the materials and tools you will need are:

  • A welding machine
  • A wire brush to clean the areas of the tubing before welding together
  • A hacksaw or angle grinder with cut off wheel to cut the steel tubing.
  • A measuring tape
  • 1″ OD square steel tubing, 3/16″ wall thickness, approximately 6′ long

DIY Pallet Pry Bar Step 1

Take the metal tubing and lay it down on the ground. Continue reading DIY Wooden Pallet Pry Bar

Building a Pallet Headboard

Building a wood pallet headboard for our king sized bed was an easy choice. That said, I figured it was best to figure it out rather than fork out the cash to buy one. There are so few headboards to choose from and I actually didn’t like many that I saw in the stores. At work we have a huge pile of pallets and when the thought came to use them I said why not?Finished Pallet Headboard

What you will need for this project:

-A circular saw or chop saw.
-A tape measure and pencil
-wood 2” x 4” (I used (4) 8’ long pieces)
-Wood pallets (I used 6 because I chose the exact boards I wanted)
-Wood screws and 90 degree angle brackets (found at a hardware store)

Building a Pallet Headboard

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is collect your pallets and start to break them down. If you are not using a wooden pallet pry bar then this might take a little longer. Continue reading Building a Pallet Headboard

DIY Pallet Wine Rack

Looking for a plan to put together your vary own pallet wine rack? Well look no further! Follow along our easy step by step instructions and add a classy, rustic looking piece of functional artwork to your home.

What You Will Need to Build a Pallet Wine Rack

-Circular saw or reciprocating saw to make your cuts
-Hand drill and or a drill press
-Hammer and crowbar
-Palm sander and sandpaper
-A small square and pencil
-Adjustable wood clamps
-Wood screws or nails
-Wood Pallet (makes 2 wine racks)

***STEP 1***

Cutting The Pallet

Wood Pallet Cutting

Staring off, place the pallet flat on the ground. Continue reading DIY Pallet Wine Rack