A Fresh Take On Pallet Art

A Fresh Take On Pallet Art – Fire Wood Designs by Leah

Adding a beautiful rustic design piece of pallet art to your home is all the rage. Simple and elegant, Fire Wood Designs by Leah are wonderful and all unique. Ever single piece is different and the chosen colors really pop. If you look really closely, you can see the marks from the paint brush as a tell tale sign that these are indeed the real thing.

Every piece of these Fire Wood Designs, are individually handcrafted and one of a kind. Leah Smyth the artist, is a wonderful, bubbly and laid back person. “I just wanted to make something cool that you couldn’t find in a store,” says Leah with a smile on her face. “Sometimes it takes a bit of time to actually make the idea in my head come to life!”wash dry fold

Another one of the cool things is that all of the wood used in Fire Wood Designs are in fact made from pallet wood. Leah gets her boyfriend to drive around with her and be the muscles to pickup discarded pallets and through them in the back of his truck. “I really could not do this without Giordano,” she smirked. “How would I get them home without his truck.”

socksPicking the right distressed wood pieces is really an art. How Leah matches everything is simply a form of art. When you look at the neatly sorted pile of tools and the mess of the broken apart pallets in her garage, its not easy to see the the end result. Leah is an all around artist and has a nack for creativity. “One day I saw a picture of some pallet wall art and I thought to myself, Ya… I could do that!”

Right now Leah is right in the middle of creating a new batch. All of the art is actually for sale on her Facebook page. Send her a message and I’m sure you wont be disappointed.

Fire Wood Designs Facebook Page


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