Burning Wood Pallets

Burning Pallets

Currently, there are not many homes that are heated with wood stoves anymore. But there are some places that still use fire wood to generate heat. For instance, my garage has a little cast iron wood burning stove that gets my work area nice and toasty. Quite a few of my friends also have cabins and shops that are heated with these little wood burning stoves and I have to say that they are Amazing!

What isn’t amazing is the time it takes to gather up enough wood, cup it up with an axe, and stack it all to dry. Some people have the connections to buy a chord of wood and bring it home. Still I’ve seen a chord of wood being sold for as much as $125.00 a pop. When the demand is high people can set whatever price they want. And again, this is where burning wood pallets becomes a great idea.


Wood Pallets as fire wood seems like an excellent idea, but people seem to have a few reasons why they wouldn’t want to burn wood pallets as firewood. Some people say that because the wood pallets are treated, you can’t burn them. Well most wood pallets are treated with heat. They stay in a fire kiln a little longer and a little hotter in order to kill off all the pests that could be living in the wood. Basically this means that the wood is already really dry and safe to burn.

The other problem people have is the nails that hold the pallets together. They are safe to burn and will not harm your stove. What they will do is make it a tough time to clean up the ashes later. To fix this I have come up with a solution and that is using a large magnet to pick them up. It’s fast and easy to get even the smallest nail out of a tight spot. Personally I don’t really separate the ashes from the nails. It’s easy for me to put them all in a bucket and bring them along when I go to the dump.

nails ashes

Having a truck or a way to get the free pallets back to your place is just about the only requirement to use wood pallets as firewood. Oh and a saw. You need a saw to break them down to your chosen sizes to fit your fire pit or stove. And to be honest, some time’s you do not even need a saw. If you’re having a bonfire, just toss another pallet on top!

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