pallet pile

Pallets… The Urban Reclaimed Wood

More and more people are looking for ways to add style with urban and rustic undertones to their homes and living spaces. For years reclaimed wood has been a huge industry for custom furniture design with a high end price tag. Though very few people have the   money to “invest” in costly custom furniture pieces made with antique wood. This is where the wooden pallet comes into play. It seems everywhere we look there are wood pallets, stacked up and ready to be thrown away. Along the way, someone came up with the idea to recycle these cast off resources.

pallet pile

Not everyone has access to a 100 year old barn on their property to pull off choice pieces of aged or distressed looking wood. Over the years, I have heard of people walking through forests, wondering in farm fields, and digging through piles of construction or demolition debris, looking for that one piece of wood they can do something incredible with. So much time can be wasted and who has the connections and resources to do that?

Alley Pallets

Now on the other hand, almost everyone can locate and pick up wooden pallets for cheap if not nothing at all. In industrial areas, behind stores, and beside dumpsters, there are wooden pallets of all shapes and sizes. Really, it’s not unusual to find perfect and clean pallets although there are lots of broken pallets available too. Some businesses pay people to come and pick their wooden pallets up because they don’t know what to do with them. Then there are actual places that sell new pallets for you to begin with almost fresh material. Wooden pallets are easy to find and above all cheap.

Wooden Pallets have other benefits over reclaimed wood. With pallets, you don’t need large and expensive tools to prepare the wood for your project. All you need are some simple hand tools and you are on your way. In fact, some wood pallet furniture projects don’t even require you to pull the pallets apart. Obviously, carpentry skills can help and assist you but are not required.

wall feature

People all over are using their imagination and with pallets are designing astonishing pieces of practical and functioning furniture as well as artwork. When you think about it, the possibilities are just about endless when it comes to things you can make out of reclaimed wood pallets. Shelves, coat racks, tables, beds, stools, couches, walls and floors can be built and come to life quickly and easily. So what are you waiting for, grab some pallets and start your project today!

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