Finished Pallet Headboard

Building a Pallet Headboard

Building a wood pallet headboard for our king sized bed was an easy choice. That said, I figured it was best to figure it out rather than fork out the cash to buy one. There are so few headboards to choose from and I actually didn’t like many that I saw in the stores. At work we have a huge pile of pallets and when the thought came to use them I said why not?Finished Pallet Headboard

What you will need for this project:

-A circular saw or chop saw.
-A tape measure and pencil
-wood 2” x 4” (I used (4) 8’ long pieces)
-Wood pallets (I used 6 because I chose the exact boards I wanted)
-Wood screws and 90 degree angle brackets (found at a hardware store)

Building a Pallet Headboard

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is collect your pallets and start to break them down. If you are not using a wooden pallet pry bar then this might take a little longer. For this project I only wanted the larger flat top boards and not the pallet base or frame. Once I had all my pallet wood ready, it was time to get creative. I laid down the boards just like how I wanted the pallet headboard to look.

Pallet Headboard Wood

Step 2

Now that I had everything mocked up just how I wanted, it was time to build the pallet headboard frame. Take your wood 2×4’s and measure then cut them with your saw to the exact size of the bed. A king size bed is 76” wide. So I cut 2 pieces at 76”. I wanted this furniture piece to be 4’ 6” tall so I cut another 2 pieces to be the legs at both ends.

Step 3

Once I had everything all set up, I started screwing each pallet board to the 2×4’s. I had a wood 2×4 on the top (a few inches down) and another on the bottom. I made sure that there was enough room for the legs to fit on the ends and not be seen from the front. To hold and support everything up, I used the 90 degree angle brackets to hold the frame together on the back side.

Pallet Headboard Construction

Step 4

This is where you decide how you want to finish your pallet headboard project. I would suggest you sand down at least some of the headboard in order to take the rough edges off. This you can either paint, or stain the project depending on how you want the end result to look.

Complete Pallet Headboard

Personally, I really liked the way my wood pallet head board turned out. At this point you could sand down the front face and stain this piece of pallet furniture any color you want. All I did was coat everything in 3 thick coats of polyurethane furniture finish to keep the really rustic look to the bedroom. No doubt, bringing character to a plain room can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. This wood pallet head board turned out beautiful and I have to tell you my wife is really happy with it.

Finished Pallet Headboard

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