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DIY Pallet Wine Rack

Looking for a plan to put together your vary own pallet wine rack? Well look no further! Follow along our easy step by step instructions and add a classy, rustic looking piece of functional artwork to your home.

What You Will Need to Build a Pallet Wine Rack

-Circular saw or reciprocating saw to make your cuts
-Hand drill and or a drill press
-Hammer and crowbar
-Palm sander and sandpaper
-A small square and pencil
-Adjustable wood clamps
-Wood screws or nails
-Wood Pallet (makes 2 wine racks)

***STEP 1***

Cutting The Pallet

Wood Pallet Cutting

Staring off, place the pallet flat on the ground. Grab your saw and you will want to cut along the second pallet board and roughly 16″ from the end. This should be roughly in the same area where the cutouts will be for the forklift on the wooden pallet.

***STEP 2***

Removing Pallet Wood

Wood Pallet Pieces

Now you need to collect 2 boards from the middle section of the wood pallet. These boards are going to make up the bottom of the pallet wine rack. Use your hammer and prybar to carefully remove the boards. Take your time and slowly loosen them piece by piece.

***STEP 3***

Cutting Smaller Pieces

Small Wood Pieces

For the bottom, you will need three smaller wood pieces to separate the board that will hold the wine glasses. Use one of the larger pieces from the middle pallet that the boards are nailed too for these. Cut three, 1″ pieces of wood with your saw to act as spacers.

***STEP 4***

Prep and Sanding

Wood Pallet Sanding

Every wooden pallet is a bit rough and dirty from their shipping days. In the least, you will want to sand your project down a bit. Depending on how you want your end result to look, you will either sand a little bit or a lot. Keep in mind that the more you sand the smoother and less rustic your project will appear.

***STEP 5***

Measuring Hanging Glasses Shelf

Wood Pallet Measureing

To allow the wine glasses to hang, you need to cut some holes on one of the boards that will become the bottom shelf. The pallets we are using for this project are 40″ wide. Using a standard wine glass, measure out your needs.

Make a mark with your pencil 4.5″ from the outside edges. Now from there, make three more marks 4″ apart. You will want to measure and mark from the front edge of the board 1.5″ to 1.75″. This will set how far back you want your wine glasses to sit. Now repeat from the opposite side.

***STEP 6***

Drilling Glass Stem Holes

Wood Pallet Drilling
Drill out the wine glass stem holes where your pencil marks intersect on the board. Use a 1-3/8″ wood drill bit. If you don’t have a drill press to work with, a hand drill will work just fine.

***STEP 7***

Cut Gaps For The Wine Glasses

Wine Glass Holes

Using a scrap piece of wood, center it on the holes and mark with your pencil were you need to cut. Do this for each hole. Grab your saw cut along the marked lines. The saw will make some rough edges so be sure to sand them down a bit.

At this time, depending on your preference, you can stain or paint the wood pieces for your pallet wine rack. I personally like it just the way it is, rough and rustic.

***STEP 8***

Final Assembly

Wine Glass Bottom Piece

Place the 2 bottom boards together with the spaces in the middle. Make sure the center one lines up correctly with the wood pallet wine rack. Take your adjustable wood clamps and clam everything together. Now take your hand drill and pre-drill out your screw holes. This is to make sure that the wood does not split when you drive your screws in. With the shelf on its side, fasten the bottom to the shelf part with 3″ wood screws.

***STEP 9***

Wall Selection and Hanging

Assembled Pallet Wine Rack

Your new wine rack is complete! All that is left to do is find the perfect place to hang it. Find the wood studs in the wall and fasten the wooden pallet wine rack with 2.5″ screws. This will take care of the weight from your full wine bottles. Make sure you use a level when installing your wine rack. You don’t want people to think you were sampling the wine when you set up your pallet wine rackĀ  do you?

Hanging Pallet Wine RackWine Rack 2 Pictures

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