Dismantling Wood Pallets

How To Dismantle Wood Pallets

Cutting Wooden Pallets 1Found a wood pallet project and you don’t know how to get started? After you have your reclaimed wood collected, you will need to learn how to dismantle wood pallets to get them into proper lengths of various sizes. Some projects don’t actually need you to disassemble the entire pallet but this is a great place to start.

Lets get all of your tools together; a reciprocating saw, hammer and a crow bar. You will also need your gloves, safety glasses and even dust mask. You cant be too safe.

How to Get Longer Pieces of Wood

Take you pallet and lay it flat on the ground or a work table. Use your reciprocating saw and start cutting the nails off in between the boards. You can also use a hammer or crow bar to get out all the nails between each piece of wood. The reciprocating saw will obviously be much faster and require less effort. One thing to keep in mind is that when you are using a prybar, you are much more likely to crack or break the dry wood pieces. This method though will provide you with longer pieces of wood to work with. Just be careful if you need to cut the pieces of wood later. The pieces of nails still stuck in the wood will give you trouble if you attempt to cut through them. On the bright side, you have a much more rustic piece of wood with the nails still embedded within the face of the wood.Cut Apart PalletsCutting Wooden Pallets

How to Collect Shorter Pieces of Wood

Again, we want to begin with setting the entire pallet on the ground or on a secure work table. Bring out your circular saw and line it up on the top side. Cut out the cross pieces leaving behind the wood sections still attached to each side. You can just cut along both the outer sides and then pry off the middle support piece. Or if you cut along the middle support piece as well you can have two smaller pieces from the one cross piece. This is perfect for other smaller projects that don’t require long lengths of wood.

Cutting Wooden Pallets 1

Start a Pile and Organize Your Pallet Wood

Most projects require a few pallets worth of wood. Most pallets have at least 2 different sizes of wood but, some have more. Stacking them together gives you an idea of how much you actually have. With any reclaimed wood project, you need to know how to dismantle wood pallets.

Dismantled Pallet Wood

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