Pallet Christmas Tree

DIY Pallet Christmas Tree Project

With the holidays just around the corner, some people are looking to start a project and build a pallet Christmas tree. Everyone is looking for a few ideas to sand out and do something cool. This is not a complicated project and just about anyone with a few simple tools can create in just a few hours.

Pallet Christmas Tree Project

To get this party started, first we will need to gather a few tools. For this project you will need 1 wood pallet, a skill saw, prybar, a hammer, some nails or a cordless drill and some wood screws. Depending on how you want to finish this project off, you could also use a short strand of lights, glue gun, paint brush and some green paint. a long straight edge with a pencil or a caulk line would work great too. With all of these items collected, you are now ready to start

Building the Tree

We will start off by laying the pallet on the ground or on a secure table. With your long straight edge or a caulk line, Mark a line from the bottom corners to the top middle of the pallet. Now take your saw and cut along these lines. Once you are finished cutting, remove the cut pieces and all of the bottom bracing on the under side of the pallet. What you are left with now is a triangle that looks like your new Christmas Tree.

Pallet Cut For Christmas Tree

Building the Tree Base

With the left over cut off pieces, take your prybar and remove all of the smaller wood pieces from the main frame 2×4’s. Once you have them free and all of the nails pulled, cut the 2 pieces in half. With 2 of the 2×4 parts, secure them with the hammer and nails to the bottom of the tree’s central 2×4 or “trunk”. Now take the other 2 left over pieces of wood and fasten them into an X brace to balance the tree to stand upright. Now you have a rough Pallet Christmas Tree.

Pallet Christmas Tree With Base

Finishing and Decorating Your Tree

Here is where you can get creative. We chose to take some green paint and color the cut pallet pieces to make them look like branches. Carefully, we left the central tree trunk and stand the plain wood color. This created a bit of contrast to really make the tree pop and look more realistic.

Next, I took an old left over set of Christmas Lights and laid them out along the front side of the tree. Once I had them close to the way I wanted, I used a hot glue gun to secure them to the face of the tree. The end of the light strand with the plug, I wrapped around the back side and glued it in place. This made attaching a small electrical cord easy and hidden out of the way.

Lastly, I grabbed a red bow from the dollar store and glued it to the top of the tree. You could grab a star or even an angel to decorate the top of the tree. The choice is yours and I’m sure with a little thought you could decorate you Pallet Christmas Tree any way you like.

Pallet Christmas Tree

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